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. the man who owns the new orleans saints keeps on most of the revenue generated. why don't people rebel? one is many people do not understand it is taking place. feel it isis they nothing they can do about it. it is based on insider deals. the most recent was a vote in miami on whether to use public money to renovate the place where the miami dolphins play and the residence of voting against doing that. >> more with "the king of sports" author. spent a lot of time dealing with the fcc in my life. important that the agency make the decisions and make him in a timely fashion. there is nothing worse than for , jobtment, innovation creation and all of the things businesses not knowing what the rules are. >> mr. wheeler is absolutely right. with a slow moving agency like this, that deliberates for months and years on end it does create uncertainty. as we know, uncertainty is the enemy of business. business and leave certainty to invest. if there is one thing we need in the united states in terms of broadband and communication infrastructure, we need investment with dispatch as chairman wheel
of the labour party is behaving like the mayor of a sicilian town towards the mafia, "they put me in and i don't want them to take me out." >> thank you, mr. speaker. i have a question about zero- hours contracts. i think most honorable members would agree that the response that i received was a fudge about the determination of employers and employees. i will put it plainly and simply to the prime minister -- how many people in this palace and in the government buildings are employed on zero-hours contracts? >> i do not have those figures to hand. what i can tell the honorable gentleman is that we are having a review of zero-hours contracts. we are looking particularly at people on zero-hours contracts who are forbidden from working for other employers. this government will look at the se things. the last government, who saw zero-hours contracts go through the roof, did absolutely nothing about it. >> the prime minister and his chancellor closed the gaping loophole left by the last government that allowed the rich to avoid stamp duty. is it not time to close the other disgraceful loophole that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2